Car insurance with no claim insurance favorable or not

Car damage is always annoying, especially if you lose your accrued no-claim discount. Since a year, more and more insurers have been offering a solution for this with the so-called no-claim insurance. This additional car insurance may be useful, but not for everyone.

Every car owner normally receives a discount on the premium if he does not claim any damage in a year. But a scratch in the door and a dent in the bumper are of course made that way. If you want to claim this damage, you fall back a number of steps on the bonus / malus ladder and lose part of the discount. This can be prevented with a no-claim insurance. You can then claim car damage from your insurer once a year while retaining the discount, regardless of the extent of the damage and the number of claim-free years. That sounds attractive, of course, but in some cases this additional insurance is not useful.

Useful or not?

Are you already on the highest step of the bonus/malus ladder? Then no-claim insurance is probably superfluous. Many companies give you bonus protection with the maximum discount. This means that you can claim the damage without being deducted from the premium. No-Claim insurance only makes sense if you have to claim the second claim in a year.

No-Claim insurance can be useful for young drivers. After all, they still have to build up their no-claim discount and relapse on the bonus/malus ladder can be annoying. For example, if they can no longer raise the premium as a result. Insured persons who have been driving for a longer period without damage but do not receive bonus protection can also benefit from no-claim insurance.


Miranda has been running without damage for three years and is therefore on step 9 of the bonus / malus ladder. That gives her a discount of 55 percent. Her basic premium is 1,000 euros, so she pays 450 euros a year. After a damage, she falls back from step 9 to step 5 with a discount of 35 percent. She will then pay a premium of 650 euros. Moreover, it takes four years before she returns to her old level.

If Miranda had had no-claim insurance, she would not have fallen back on the bonus / malus ladder and her premium of 450 euros would have remained the same. It does, however, pay 50 euros per year for the no-claim insurance. Her balance had thus been 150 euros on balance. Moreover, with no-claim insurance she had reached step 13 (70 percent discount) of the bonus / malus ladder after four years. Now it takes her eight years to reach that step. Her advantage is therefore in fact even greater.

You can calculate whether or not a no-claim insurance is useful for you using the bonus / malus ladder. Every insurer uses a different bonus / malus ladder.

Offer and premium

A rapidly growing number of insurance companies offer the no-claim insurance. These currently include Polis Direct, Interpolis, Centraal Beheer Achmea, Fortis ASR, FBTO, Generali and HEMA Verzekeringen. The premium varies per insurer, but is around 5 euros per month per car. When calculating premiums, Interpolis also takes age and type of insurance (WA or All Risk) into account. Fortis ASR calculates the premium by taking ten percent of the annual car insurance premium. For more information you can contact one of these insurers.

You cannot compare no-claim insurance on Lender. You can, however, compare almost all car insurance policies.

Comparing car insurance is saving

With car insurance the premium differences are large, so calculating your car insurance by comparing your car insurance with almost all providers on the market is worthwhile. Moreover, making a comparison is a very quick and easy way to save a lot of money.

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