How big the chance of a loan is despite a negative credit bureau entry

Almost every third German citizen has at least one negative Credit Bureau entry. But this population group also needs loans for urgent purchases. This article tries to clarify how big the chance of a loan is despite a negative Credit Bureau entry.

No branch bank grants credit despite a negative Credit Bureau entry.

The reason is simple: The German banking system relies on the information provided by the protection association for general credit protection (Credit Bureau). The information is crucial for the institutions to assess their creditworthiness. A visit to the house bank and other branch banks can therefore be described as hopeless, because the institutes all work according to the same rules. Only very few institutes are interested in the reason for the entry, with which special conditions such as the inclusion of a guarantor or other collateral can possibly be agreed.

The Internet offers opportunities for credit despite negative Credit Bureau entry.

The chances look better online, there are several options here. As long as the borrower can provide a permanent and permanent job that also has good income, lenders from neighboring countries offer themselves. The Swiss banks, for example, grant loans of up to $ 5,000 immediately and without any problems if the above conditions are met. Unfortunately, the loans that can be obtained with a negative Credit Bureau entry are not the cheapest. The foreign institutes also rate the risk of Credit Bureau-free loans higher and take more interest accordingly.

There is credit from private individuals despite negative Credit Bureau entry.

Especially in times of low interest rates, many private individuals are willing to lend their money to others. Lenders and loan seekers meet on specially designed internet portals and can negotiate interest rates there if they are interested. If a fixed income can be shown and the Credit Bureau entry may only have been made due to carelessness, the chances of a loan on fair terms are particularly high here. For more detailed information on personal loans despite a negative Credit Bureau entry, sites such as Lite Lender or Astro Finance are recommended.

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